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  • 36 weeks pregnant?

    11 June at 16:13 from atlas

    Is your baby in the breech position? If so you may have an appointment with an Obstetrician to discuss turning your baby (ECV) or requiring a caesarean section. Alternatively you could take matters into your own hands and attempt to turn the baby yourself. The use of positioning (all fours position resting on forearms with Bottom in the air) numerous times a day, swimming, gently rubbing your tummy in clockwise direction (full circle) whilst sending messages to baby to start heading down and lastly with the use of age old Chinese medicine.. Moxabustion sticks. These can be purchased from an Acupuncturist and can be safely used to turn your baby (80%) success rate when used properly. Acupuncture can also be used. Good Luck!


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